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Alpha-StimĀ® is becoming widely acknowledged as technology that can truly help you with fibromyalgia symptoms. We are helping hundreds of fibromyalgia sufferers across the UK, with amazing results, so why not try Alpha-Stim and experience the results for yourself?!

Apart from the....
Pain     Fatigue     Anxiety     Fibro-fog
Unrefreshed sleep     Depression
...what have you got to lose?        

How the Alpha-Stim works

The Alpha-StimĀ® is a gentle, non-invasive treatment. Unlike some drugs, it leaves the mind alert. It uses tiny microcurrents, close to the level of electricity that naturally occurs in the body. The microcurrents produce residual and cumulative results that encourage the body's systems to work better, such as improving circulation and helping the cells function. It helps to promote Alpha waves which lead to calm and alert feelings and these reduce the over-active 'fight and flight response' that increases pain and prevents restful sleep in fibromyalgia.


Why is Alpha-Stim technology so superior?

  • Unlike drugs it leaves the mind alert
  • Safe, gentle and easy to use
  • Quick and highly effective
  • Suitable for home use
  • Cumulative results

What other fibromyalgia sufferers thought of the Alpha-Stim

"I have been using Alpha-Stim 100 for my fibromyalgia that I have had for 6 years now. I have found the Alpha-Stim extremely effective so THANK YOU!. I have the most amazing nights sleep!" Maria Crompton, August 2012.

"I purchased the Alpha-Stim SCS from you some weeks ago and I wanted to let you know that I was so impressed with the results (the pain has gone after 5 weeks!) that I have done a piece in my local newspaper, Perth Advertiser, and am currently working with MPs to see about getting this device available on the NHS". Avril Watson, June 2012.

Further testimonials are available from our website -

The support we offer:

  • Expert advice on which Alpha-Stim device is best for you, and how it can help with your condition
  • Post-sale support from qualified experts on the Alpha-Stim, who have experience and knowledge and of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • If you have a medical diagnosis you may be eligible for VAT relief.
  • Each device comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Rent to buy payments to help spread the cost *

    *terms and conditions apply, see website for details -

What the experts say:

Dr Chris Steele Dr Chris Steele (resident doctor on 'This Morning' ITV) is a big fan of the Alpha-Stim, as it helped him with chronic pain relief.

"Alpha-Stim got me through a very painful episode, and I have been more or less pain free ever since!. It's safe to use, and more importantly, very effective!"

"I recommend the Alpha-Stim for fibromyalgia patients". Dr Bob Lister, a specialist in fibromyalgia and chairman of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition at London Metropolitan University.

"I've looked at the EEG scans [which record electrical activity in the brain] on patients before and after using the machine, and you can clearly see that it positively affects brain waves. I've found it so beneficial that now, if someone comes to me with generalised anxiety disorder, I would suggest they try Alpha-Stim before any medication". Dr Lesley Parkinson, the leading clinical psychologist in the UK and Europe.

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